Event Submission

Are you a non-profit organization in Dunellen?

If so, you are welcome to post your events on Dunellen411. Just go to http://www.dunellen411.com/events/community (remember to bookmark the page).

The events will be posted on this website and also on Facebook and Twitter. There is no charge for this service provided that any fees collected are going to a charity or other nonprofit such as a school club, scouting organization, or veterans group.

REMEMBER: All local non-profit organizations are also eligible for a free D411 web page to promote the organization, post a meeting schedule, etc. Complete, customized websites hosted on a different domain or a D411 subdomain are also available for a discounted rate.

So what if you are not from Dunellen but are a non-profit OR are from Dunellen but are not a non-profit?

Let me know about your program and I may post about it on Facebook and Twitter (but NO promises!). Just email me (ContactAtDunellen411DOTcom) or fill out the contact form.

If you are a for-profit business interested in promoting a sales event or interested in sponsoring this website, please contact me for more information regarding pricing. Currently, more than 1 in 10 Dunellen residents view the Dunellen411 website and its social media presences on Facebook and Twitter.

~Heidi Heleniak, Creator / Community Manager of Dunellen411