Personal History of Dunellen

Share your own stories about Dunellen with the Dunellen Historical  Society. You can also mail the completed questionnaire to the Dunellen Historical Society, 445 North Avenue, Dunellen NJ 08812.

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When and where were you born?

When and why did you come to Dunellen? What years did you live in the borough?

Did your parents also live in Dunellen? Any memories that they shared with you about living in Dunellen that you want to share?

Where have you lived in Dunellen?

What are some of your memories growing up in Dunellen?

Did you go to Dunellen's public schools or private/Christian schools? What memories do you have from that time?

Where did you and your family shop? Go to church? Go to eat?

Are there any special people you remember who were a big part of the town?

What did you do for fun? Participate in any Recreation Dept. activities? Go to the Dunellen Theater?

Are there any special events that stand out in your mind?

Where did you work? Your parents? How did commuting change over time?

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Any memories regarding World War I, the Depression, World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam, etc. and how they affected the town?

I give permission to The Dunellen Historical Society to publicly share this information and use it as it sees fit.

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