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Our parks play an important part in creating the town’s strong sense of community. There are five Dunellen parks (one for each corner of town and one near the center). All parks close at dusk unless there is a town function such as a theater production or football game.

  • Northeast: McCoy Park
    Fourth Street off of North Washington Avenue.
    McCoy Park features a small playground and Clem Santy Little League Field.
  • Northwest: Morecraft Park
    Sanford Avenue and Second Avenue.
    Morecraft Park features basketball courts and a playground.
  • Southeast: Columbia Park
    Orange Street off of South Washington Avenue.
    Columbia Park is the largest of the five Dunellen parks and features the Dunellen High School’s football field, the senior citizen center, a bike/walking path around the park, softball field, tennis courts, and a playground. It is where most of the high school’s outdoor sports games take place.
  • Southwest: Gavornick Park
    High Street by Faber Elementary School.
    Gavornick Park features basketball courts and a playground.
  • Center of Town: Washington Memorial Park
    North Washington Avenue between Dunellen & First Avenues.
    Washington Memorial Park features a gazebo and memorial statuary. Site of summer concerts, plays, Easter egg hunt, and tree lighting. End location for Dunellen’s various parades.

Dunellen was one of the first towns in New Jersey to have a recreation department. The recreation department is responsible for the Halloween Costume Parade, holiday events, sports programs, senior citizen events, bus trips, summer day camp, and much more.

Recreation Director: Mr. Alex Miller 732-752-2466 x19

Dunellen Parks and Recreation Department Hotline & Information (For event cancellations, check Facebook or call the office)

  • Youth to Adults Programs: 732-752-2466 x191
  • Senior Citizen Programs: 732-752-2466 x192
  • Facebook

There are also private sports training facilities in Dunellen: