Two album release concerts to be held in Dunellen

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Look out Asbury Park… you’re not the only musical town in Jersey! Two local musical acts will be dropping their new albums this Saturday, April 7 at Dunellen venues.

4towns, which plays regularly in the Central Jersey area will be celebrating the release of their debut album “eucatastrophe” at Maggie Murray’s Pub House. The original songs which share a hard rock/alternative with a 90s sound were recorded at Fairly Aggressive Maggot studios in Dunellen.

The band’s name came about when the band first formed. The original members of the band grew up in North Plainfield, Dunellen, Green Brook, and Middlesex. Although they lived in four “consecutive” towns and had always played in bands, they never met until adulthood.

Current members include Dunellen High School alum Joe Byelick (guitars/vocals, Dunellen), Dave Mager (guitars/vocals, North Plainfield), Mike Macaluso (bass, Middlesex), Rob Lewis (drums, Toms River).

The concert which also features The 39 starts at 8:30pm. There is no cover charge.

Dan Mulqueen is no stranger to recording original music. “Handwriting” is his third studio album. A graduate of Dunellen High School, Mulqueen is known to many Dunellenites as a member of Two Penny Porters. But although he has performed numerous times with the band in Dunellen, this is his first solo show in his hometown.

“Handwriting” is a double album focused on handpan instrumentals. The handpan (also known as Hang) is a relatively new instrument, created in Germany in 2000. According to Wikipedia, it can sound like a harp, bells, or harmonically tuned steelpans.

Mulqueen held a successful online fundraiser to pay for the creation and publicity of the album. Below is his video explaining the project…

The concert held at the Arts Annex, will include performances by Two Penny Porters and Adam Melchor. It will be hosted by New York radio personality, Jesse Addy and sound will be provided by Mike Allan of Extreme Music Productions. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the show will begin at 7:00pm. Tickets are $10.

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