Arts & Culture Commission Holding Logo Contest

Heidi Heleniak / Dunellen Arts & Culture Commission

Dunellen Arts & Culture Commission holding logo competition.

The Dunellen Arts & Culture Commission (DACC) is looking to establish its brand and is holding a logo competition. The contest is open to NJ residents and those attending school in New Jersey. The winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card and use of the logo in their portfolio. The deadline for Entries is noon on May 1, 2017, EST.

The logo will be used online, in print, and on merchandise. Flexibility is a key requirement, including the need to resize easily and to work well in both color and greyscale. For a full set of rules:

DACC was formed in 2016 to support community arts efforts including dance, theater, music, creative writing, and visual arts as well as cultural programs. This summer, it will be launching its arts program in conjunction with the Dunellen Recreation Department’s summer camp.

Full Disclosure: Heidi Heleniak is chair of DDAC.

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